Hi, It’s lovely to have you here!

The idea behind this experiment is to collect and express thoughts related to topics that I’m deeply interested on, presented in several formats (text, drawings, videos, audio, illustrations, photo, etc) and examined through many perspectives.

I want to explore a wide range of things, from the greatness of Nintendo’s quality and product vision to the inherent racial biases of AI, passing through neoliberalism in Latin America, life as an immigrant in a far away country, productivity & fitness tips, continuing with how music, culture, art and related things can improve your well being and your health, finally ending on practical thoughts on designing digital products, thoughts on and about parenting in a pandemic and the relationship between job, money and the broader (and bigger) life.

If it sounds a bit all over the place you’re right. This is my universe and this window inside my mind is what I want to share with the world. I look forward to meet people, ideas and paths that will enrich, challenge and enlighten me in all the aspects that I mentioned before as well as in aspects I still haven’t considered.

Welcome to Hectorverse and I hope you enjoy the ride.